Compared with other system parts such as body parts, suspension or clutch and brake parts, most of the car electrical parts are smaller in appearance, and it is more difficult for newcomers to recognize and distinguish each part. Today we will briefly talk about the car electrical system.

Automotive electrical appliances consist of two major components: the power supply and the electrical equipment. The power supply includes the battery and the generator. The electric equipment includes the engine starting system, the ignition system of the gasoline engine and other electric devices.

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Starting system

The starting system is composed of battery, ignition switch, starting relay, starter, etc. The function of the starting system is to convert the electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy through the starter to start the engine.

Charging System

The car charging system consists of the battery, alternator and working status indication device. In the charging system, it generally also includes regulator, ignition switch, charging indicator, ammeter and insurance device, etc.

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The generator is the main power source of the car. Its function is to supply power to all electric devices (except the starter) when the engine is running normally (above idle speed), and to charge the battery at the same time. Alternators for automobiles can be divided into DC alternators and alternators, and with or without carbon brush alternator. Alternator usually consist of generator stator, armature, starter end cover and bearings.


The battery is mainly responsible for starting the car engine and supplying power to the electric control system in the car to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. It is charged by the generator installed on the engine when it is not powered and supplies power to the electronic control system when the engine is not working.

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Ignition system

All the equipment that can produce electric spark between the two electrodes of the spark plug is called engine ignition system, usually composed of battery, alternator, distributor, ignition coil and spark plug.

Spark plug

The role of the spark plug is to send a high-voltage wire to the pulse of high-voltage electrical discharge, penetrating the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, producing an electric spark to ignite the cylinder gas mixture.

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Post time: Nov-10-2021