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Model No: Air Suspension Strut
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Air suspension strut

PTO, abbreviation of Power Take Off, is a group or groups of variable speed gears, also known as power take-offs, generally from the combination of gearbox, clutch, controller, and gearbox low gears or subbox output shaft, and lifting pump and other power take-off device input shaft connection, is a separate gear in the gearbox, hook up this gear, a gas valve, lifting pump can be run.

Our advantage 

Nitoyo is a Chinese a one-stop auto spare parts export trading company and rich in factory Resources.And every system have a independent department responsible for the factory management,product purchasing and quality control.Besides,we have a professional logistic team which promise to deliver the products safe and on time .Also we have many kinds of payments for you to choose.

Professional Line of Production


Top Level Material
The gear is the most important parts in a PTO(power take-off) ,so to meet high hardness and accuracy,we usually choose the steel with strong compression that using 20CrMnTi material to ensure the gear is firm.

Power take off (2).docx
Power take off (1).docx

Advance equipment and professional technical team

Equipped with advanced cutting machine and professional technical team make sure the gear accuracy at a high level

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Professional test

Every power take-off we exported are tested for example,the hardness,accuracy and performance


No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule, our power take off has no MOQ limitation

Specialized Packaging

Using Specialized packing to protect the power take off safely delivered to the destination. Considering the different culture and aesthetic we provide customized packing design on the basic of required quantity.

pto packing

How to select the correct PTO


To properly size and configure a PTO you need to get the following information:

  • Truck make and model
  • The engine and transmission manufacture model numbers
  • The PTO bolt pattern and location (6, 8 or 10 – left, right or bottom)
  • Does the PTO shift by air, hydraulics or electrically 
  • If it is a replacement, the make and model on the old one
  • The truck application
  • Describe the pump
  • The gpm, pressure, horsepower or torque requirements



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    Part Pame OEM Car model
    For Eaton PTO
    PTO2000XENO11RA(86%) Eaton
    For Eaton Power Take Off S-C720(625/0.865-1DMM) Eaton

    Hot Sale Mercedes Benz Shocks

    S-C720(6250.865-1DMM)(1) S-C720(6250.865-1DMM)(1)
    PTO2000XENO11RA(86%) For Eaton PTO S-C720(625/0.865-1DMM)  For Eaton Power Take Off

    We have manny parts for Eaton and if you wanna know more,please feel free to contact us

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