Nitoyo Loud Speaker Tweeters Single Dual Trumpet Air Horn Kit with Compressor for Car Truck Train Car Horn

Model No: Car Horn
• High Quality Zinc Alloy, Copper Coil Material
• Easily to install
• For Truck Horn, Train Horn, Boat Horn
• Effective Sourcing, One-stop Shopping Center
• Other Accessories: Door Step, Tail Lamp, Wheel Trim


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What is car horn

An air horn is a pneumatic device designed to create an extremely loud noise for signaling purposes. It usually consists of a source which produces compressed air, which passes into a horn through a reed or diaphragm. The stream of air causes the reed or diaphragm to vibrate, creating sound waves, then the horn amplifies the sound making it louder. Air horns are widely employed as vehicle horns, installed on large buses, semi-trailer trucks, fire trucks, trains, and some ambulances as a warning device, and on ships as a signaling device.

Our advantage 

We Nitoyo have 21-years experience in auto parts export and now our products cover every system ,from the internal accessories to the external accessories,like door step ,tail lamp ,tonneau cover ,wheel trim ,car horn etc. Beside ,you can subscribe us on Facebook Tik Tok Instagram and Linked-in ,we post our newest products promotions, live streaming time and company news every day. Moreover,we have free sample service ,we can send you a sample ,and the sample fee would refund to you after the order confirmed.

Product description


Top Level Material Makes Great Sound
Made of chrome plated zinc, to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage.With a polished shiny chrome horn they cast a striking appearance on any vehicle mounted.


Small but Loud Sound

These kits are a great way to give that loud, bellowing sound without taking up a great amount of space.This air horn can fit in almost any vehicle, and deliver the big sound you need. Although it is a small size air horn, but provide a very loud sound.

air horn主

Easy to Install

We have single trumpet air Horn, electric horn and dual trumpet air horn. For the air horn we have many color for you to choose, like black, silver and double silver. Considering installation , every horn we send includes the attachment screws and brackets for your installation.

No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule, our horn used for full ranges of car model, has no MOQ limitation

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