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Model No: Differentials
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A transmission differential consists of one input (the drive shaft) and two outputs, which are connected to the two drive wheels; however the rotations of the drive wheels are coupled to each other by their connection to the roadway.

Our advantage 

For the transmission system we have several factories with  long-term cooperation so the quality is guaranteed and the price is competitive. For the delivery service we have a professional team to follow the shipping progress and solve any problems on time. We are one-stop shopping center for automobile parts, and the car models cover from Japanese and Korean car series to European and American car series you can find the products you need in our company. Trust Nitoyo, Nitoyo never let you down.

Professional Line of Production

NITOYO High Quality Transmission Parts Crown Wheel And Pinion1
NITOYO High Quality Transmission Parts Crown Wheel And Pinion2

Top Level Material
To meet different strength and performance, we usually choose the steel with strong compression that using 20CrMnTi material to ensure the gear is firm.

Advance equipment and professional technical team11
Advance equipment and professional technical team012

Advance equipment and professional technical team

Equipped with advanced cutting machine and professional technical team make sure the gear accuracy at the level of 7-6 

differential test
differential test 2

Professional Test

Advanced testing equipment technical to guarantee crown wheel and pinion match well

No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule, our crown wheel pinion used for Mitsubishi PS100 4D30 has no MOQ limitation

Specialized Packaging

Using Specialized packing to protect the products safely delivered to the destination. Considering the different culture and aesthetic we provide customized packing design on the basic of required quantity.

differential packing003
differential packing002
differential packing001

Installation Location

A car differential is placed halfway between the driving wheels, on either the front, rear, or both axes (depending on whether it’s a front-, rear-, or 4-wheel-drive car). In rear-wheel drive cars, the differential converts rotational motion of the transmission shaft which lies parallel to the car's motion to rotational motion of the half-shafts (on the ends of which are the wheels), which lie perpendicular to the car's motion.


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    Part Pame Ratio Car model
    Differential For Toyota
    7×39 8×43 8×45 Toyota Coaster

    Hot Sale Differential For Toyota

    differential coaster0102
    7×39 8×43 8×45 Differential For Toyota Coater

    We have other transmission parts,engine parts, AC parts, steering parts, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

    Part Name Ratio Car Model
    Differential For Daihatsu 22T 7X39 7X41 7X43 6X41 6X38 Daihatsu DV99

    Hot Sale Differential For Daihatsu

    DAHAITSU DV99 (2)
    NITOYO Differntial Parts for Daihatsu DV99

    For transmission parts like differntial, we could sale in assembly or separately, any spare parts you need, just contact us !!

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