Nitoyo High Quality Engine Parts Engine Forged Steel Cast Steel Crankshaft for Peugeot 206

Model No: Crankshaft
• Both Forged and Cast Steel Crankshaft for Different Markets Needs
• No MOQ limitation
• Quality Guaranteed
• Effective Sourcing, One-stop Shopping Center
• Other Engine Parts : Cylinder Head, Camshaft,Con Rod,Engine Bearing


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What is crankshaft

The crankshaft is the most important part of the engine. It takes the force from the connecting rod and transforms it into torque that is output through the crankshaft and drives other accessories on the engine. The crankshaft is subjected to the combined effect of centrifugal force of rotating mass, periodically changing gas inertia force and reciprocating inertia force, which makes the crankshafts subjected to bending and torsional load. Therefore, the crankshaft is required to have sufficient strength and stiffness, and the journal surface should be wear-resistant, work evenly and have good balance.

Our advantage 

Recent years, engine parts have been one of our most hot sale products and we have up to 10 colleagues focus on engine parts development, they know Chinses factories well so they can find you the best one based on your needs. Crankshaft as a very important one in the engine system is also very important in our engine department, the product manager has around 4-years working experience in this product. Also as a one-stop shopping center our products covers each auto system, you could just send your purchasing list ,and we will find you them all soon, Nitoyo never let you down

Professional Line of Production


Top Level Material
For the considering of the sufficient strength and stiffness,we use QT850-04 make the HRC between 40-45


Advance equipment and professional technical team

Full CNC machining, knife-edged counterweights, micro-polishing for longer bearing life magnetic flaw detecting will be done according to standard JB/76729-93

forged Crankshaft
billet Crankshaft

Professional Test

Forged steel crankshaft need to machine balance hole to keep good balance result

Billet Crankshaft can get good balance by different design on counterweight. and Surface on counterweight will be more beautiful


No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule, our crankshaft used for full ranges of car model, has no MOQ limitation

Specialized Packaging

Using Specialized packing to protect the crankshafts safely delivered to the destination. Considering the different culture and aesthetic we provide customized packing design on the basic of required quantity.

packing 1
packing 2

Installation Location

Located in the “bottom end” of an engine, the crankshaft harnesses the tremendous force of combustion (the violent burning of the air and fuel in the combustion chamber) by thrusting the pistons downward, causing the crankshaft to rotate. This rotation is the power source of an engine.


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    Product Name Car Model
    For Nissan Cast Steel Crankshaft Nissan Z24


    nissan z24 (3)
    Engine Crankshaft used for Nissan Z24 Crankshafs
    Product Name Car Model
    For Peugeot Cast Steel Crankshaft Peugeot 206
    For Peugeot Cast Steel Crankshaft Peugeot 405
    Peugeot 206 Crankshafts (1) Peugeot 405 crankshaft (3)
     Cast Steel Engine Crankshft ForPeugeot 206 Crankshafts

      Engine Cast Steel Crankshft For

    Peugeot 206 Crankshafts

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