NITOYO High Quality Auto Engine System Turbocharger

Model No: Turbocharger
• Turbocharger IS Made Of Excellent material
• Processing Technology
• OE Standard Quality Guarantee The Work-life
• Provide New Model Of Turbocharger Development Service
• Effective Sourcing, One-stop Shopping Center
• Full Range Of Engine System
• Turbo Sale Of Turbo Charger, Turbo Twin, BMW E6 Turbo, Mitsubishi Outlander Turbo, Honda S2000 Turbo, Turbo Nissan 350z, Honda K24 Turbo, Etc

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A turbocharger is a device fitted to a vehicle's engine system that is designed to improve the overall efficiency and increase performance. A turbo is made up of two halves joined together by a shaft. On one side, hot exhaust gasses spin the turbine that is connected to another turbine which sucks air in and compresses it into the engine. 

Our advantage 

Nitoyo turbocharger is exported worldwide and has great feed back because we have a strict quality control and rich factory resources which means we have a very competitive price and the protectorate packing make sure the goods delivery to you completely. Besides our other engine parts and other system parts are also sales well like water pump, oil pump, steering rack, steering pump, air suspension strut, radiator, etc.

Professional Line of Production


Top Level Material
The material is K18,including Nickel And Molybdenum 6-8% compared to ductile iron resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Imported solenoid valve engine ECU instructions control the opening time of atmospheric Pressure


Advance equipment and professional technical team
Equipped with advanced equipment and experienced technical staff, Nitoyo turbocharger are qualified with exquisite appearance and high performance


Professional Test
Advanced testing equipment to make sure every turbocharger is qualified and high performance

No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule and stock for many Regular models, our oil pump has no MOQ limitation

Specialized Packaging

Using Specialized packing to protect the turbocharger safely delivered to the destination. Considering the different culture and aesthetic we provide customized packing design on the basic of required quantity.


Installation Location

Generally the location of a turbocharger is depend on space to run the piping for the intake and exhaust. If you are trying to find the turbo, follow the exhaust back to the engine until you see four sets of large diameter tubing converge on two donut looking parts connected together. That would be the turbo.


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    Any other models of turbocharger you need please feel free to contanct us.

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