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Model No: Auto Radiator
• Aluminum Condenser.
• Easily To install.
• OE Standard Quality Guarantee The Work-life.
• Provide Customized Service.
• Effective Sourcing, One-stop Shopping.
• Supply Full Range Of Car Condensers And Condenser Accessories Like Radiator Tank,
   Radiator Cap, Oil Cooler, Etc.
• Car A/C System Spare Parts Like Radiator Tank,Radiator Cap, Oil Cooler, And Etc.

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Radiator construction

The condenser is a heat exchanger. It is located at the front of the vehicle. The condenser cools down the refrigerant (heated up by the compressor) and becomes a liquid (condensates) by transferring its heat to the flow of ambient air passing through it.

Our advantage 

We have full range car models of condensers especially for European and American car lines,like Ford condenser ,BMW condenser ,VW condenser,Dodge condenser,Jeep condenser,Chevrolet condenser and etc.Besides, we’re One-stop auto parts shopping center supply you all the automotive parts you need ,and we support T/T, Alibaba payment and Paypal payment .If you’re still hesitate ,we could send you a free sample ,we will refund the sample charge to You after the order confirmed .

Professional Line of Production

condenser 细节图2
condenser 细节图1

Top Level Material
Excellent aluminum design, polished with precision, pursuing high-quality products, NITOYO auto condenser uses professional technical process, safer and more durable.


condenser 细节图3
condenser 细节图4

High-performance design

Use high-quality anti-corrosion aluminum tube manufactured using German imported Schaller equipment. High strength and corrosion resistance.

Advance equipment and professional technical team004
Advance equipment and professional technical team005

Corrosion-free and maintenance-free

High-end aluminum does not deform when exposed to heat,resists corrosion when exposed to scale,and is maintenance-free.

6.Professional Test01
6.Professional Test02

Professional Test

Advanced testing equipment like inner-block and inner-leak detector, helium test equipment, water inspection to ensure the condenser qulified.

No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule, our car condenser has no MOQ limitation.

Specialized Packaging

Using strong packing to protect the radiator safely delivered to the destination.We have portable packaging for end user customers.

Fast Delivery High Quality Car Radiators Used For Full Ranges Of Car Models pack
Fast Delivery High Quality Car Radiators Used For Full Ranges Of Car Models pack1

Brief Introduction About Nitoyo Condenser


Let's have look at what dose our product maneger say about condenser

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    Part Pame OEM Size Car Model
    For BMW Condenser 64509149390 622*502*16       BMW F01/F02/F03/F04-08 750L 2013-2014
    For BMW Condenser 64539219843 634*485*16 BMW F01/F02/F03/F06/F07/F10/F11/F12/13/18
    For BMW Condenser 64509218121 64509335362 639*354*16 BMW F20/F21/F30/F31/F35 2011
    For BMW Condenser 64536364258 660*385*12 BMW G11/G12 7 SERIES G30/G31 5 SERIES
    For BMW Condenser 64509109725 623*408*16 BMW F10/F11/F12/F13/F18 4.4T-V8 11-12


    64509109725 64509109725 64509218121 64509335362
    64536364258 Condenser For BMW 7 Series 64509109725 Condenser For BMW 5 6 Series 64509218121 64509335362 Condenser For BMW 1 3 Series

    We hsupply full range of auto spare parts and any interested item pls feel free to inquiry us !!

    Part Pame OEM Size Car Model
    For Jeep Condenser / 675*446*16 Jeep Cherokee L4 2019-2021


    jeep Cherokee L4 condenser
    Condenser for Jeep Cherokee L4 2019-2021
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