29th,June Nitoyo latched a mid-year summary & sharing session .Many product managers share their experience about how the find the right auto parts for customers efficiently and accurately ,while sales managers share their experience about how to help customers solve the problems ,besides,our delivery department elaborate how they deliver the goods safely and on time .Actually we have this kind of summery & sharing session at least twice a year not only to see the progress we made ,but also to let all the stuff know how each department work and to cooperate more efficiently and grow up together


    Although this year is very tough unstable raw material prices and the virus making the delivery hard ,we still hold on and made a good progress . For the first half of the year , steering rack ,filers ,crown wheel pinion ,suspension parts and brake master cylinder are the top 5 best sales in our company .and the products managers gets a red cover envelop for praise and encouragement .For the plans of the second half of the year, of course should be exceed the progress of the first half of the year and every department have their own goals ,As every Nitoyoer is working hard ,choose us ,we will never let you down!











Post time: Jul-06-2021